Equine Supplements

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Types of Supplements for Horses

The lifestyle of a horse is certainly different from their ancestors, and the landscape has changed, walls and fences restrict movement and horses no longer migrate roam and graze over vast areas. This means they have less access to diverse plants, flowers and grasses. Modern pastures are naturally a little more crowded than an open landscape.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for horses can support horses by providing nutrients that may be missing from their diets. This can support them in a variety of ways such as hoof supplements, digestion, and joint care. While also providing aid for older horses, and those prone to laminitis.

Horse Licks and Treats

Horse licks and treats contain minerals and vitamins, and are useful for good rewarding behaviour, breaking boredom in the stable and replacing lost salts in exercised sweaty horses.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for Horses

Vitamin and mineral supplements for horses for use during the winter season, or for horses on restricted grazing or stabled. While most vitamins are found in fresh forage, unless a horse is grazing green pasture in winter, they may benefit from a vitamin supplement as some vitamins decline as the hay gets older. Minerals such as calcium can support older, growing, horses as well as pregnant and lactating mares. 

Allergy Supplements for Horses

Allergy supplements for horses to help nutritionally support a horse and maintain it's immune system from a variety of natural irritants and allergens including pollen, fly itch and stable dust. Airborne, food, and insect allergens can cause itching and deramtitis in horses, and this can be exacerbated by the horse being in stables during winter.

Appetite Stimulants for Horses

Appetite Stimulants are supplements that can help fussy eaters, and those under stress from external causes such as travelling or hot weather. Ill and underweight horses may benefit from a high calorific supplement but horses that lose their usual good appetite should be checked by a vet for any serious underlying condtions.

Vitamin B12 & Iron Supplements for Horses

Vitamin B12 & Iron Supplements can help active, stressed horses, or those on commercial feed or with limited access to good forage. B12 vitamins are often used in performance horses.

Calmers for Horses

Calmes for horses can help anxious excitable horses by providing either a single use syringe for use before or duing a stressful event such as competing, or as a daily additive to their feed. Magnesium and herbs including valerian, skullcap, chamomile and st johns wort are common ingredients. Care should be taken to check for underlying health or nutritional issues, such as ulcers of the gut or excess carbohydrates and calories.

Cod Liver Oil for Horses

Cod liver oil contains omega-3 as well as vitamins A and D and has been traditionally used for skin, coat, and inflammation. 

Digestion & Probiotics for Horses

Digestion and probiotics for horses can help balance the gut by easing digestive disturbance and nutritionally reducing acid and supporting hind gut health.

Electrolytes & Rehydration for Horses

Electrolyte & Rehydration for Horses aid active horses, and those that work or compete, by replenishing salts lost due to sweat. They provide rapid absorption and rehydration and may be especially useful after competition or heavy exercise. They can also rehydrate horses under stress or when the weather is very hot.

Foal & Mare Supplements

Foal & Mare Supplements can assist during pregnancy and foaling. Colostrum and foals milk, probiotics for digestive upset. Calcium supplements for bone and growth, assisting lacting mares and growing foals.

Garlic for Horses

Garlic for Horses is a popular dietary supplement which has been used for centuries, and is often used to support respiratory and digestive systems in horses.

Herbal for Horses

Herbal Supplements for Horses can provide more varied nutrition for horses unable to forage for wild plant and herbs, and have traditionally been used for many years for their reported health benefits.

Hormonal nutrition for Horses

Hormonal nutrition for Horses for the moody mare. Mare's breeding season begins in early spring, and they can often be a little rebellious when hormonal. Supplements high in magensium or herbs are often given to provide support for hormonal balance.

Horse Hoof Supplements

Horse Hoof Supplements are designed to help healthy hoof growth and horn. Horses need specific nutrients for healthy hooves including biotin,zinc,methionine, and copper helping strengthen, harden, and condition horse's hooves, promoting hoof growth.

Immunity & Blood Nutrition for Horses

Immunity & Blood Nutrition for Horses Performance horses and senior horses can benefit from a supplement to support the immune and blood system. The B vitamins are often given to performance horses who have regular high intensity exercise. This can stress the immune system and a feed supplement with the key nutrients can be of benefit.

Joints & Mobility Nutrition for Horses

Joints Supplements for Horses nutritionally support joints. Concussive stress and the hardness of the ground can impact joint health; how much so will depend on their age and any injuries sustained. Supplements typically contain one or more common ingredients such as glucosamine, msm, omega-3 and herbs.

Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis Supplements may benefit horses affected by this condition which affects the laminae tissues bonding the pedal bone within the hoof. The type of laminitis fits 3 broad categories, hormonal, inflammatory, or weight bearing laminitis. Any horse suspected of having laminitis should be inspected by a vet as they may be in pain. Horses with front foot laminitis ofen roll back onto their back feet, other signs include reluctance to pick up feet or turn and a shortened stride and stiffness in gait.

Nutrition for Veteran Horses

Senior Horse Supplements can help horses that are restricted in their grazing due to age, by supporting body systems such as the joint, muscoskeletal, and digestive system to aid mobility and digestion.

Performance Supplements for Horses

Performance Supplements for Horses benefit worked or competition horses. Often containing amino acids to support muscle growth, B12, glucose as well as vitamins and minerals.

Respiratory Supplements for Horses

Respiratory Supplements for Horses may benefit horses that are stabled, as damp or dusty conditions can exacerbate respiratory problems, or horses affected by pollen. Horses recovering from allergies or respiratory conditions are often given a respiratory supplement.

Specialist Nutrition for Horses

Specialist Nutrition for Horses contain products to provide the nutrients required to support the pituitary gland in horses recovering from conditions such as cushings.