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Recognised for its health-promoting properties, such as enhancing the immune system and repelling biting insects, garlic is a beneficial supplement for horses. Hyperdrug offers a range of garlic supplements, presenting a natural approach to augmenting your horse's health and wellbeing.

Our garlic supplements are crafted from premium, natural ingredients and are reputed to bolster the immune system and act as a natural insect deterrent. They are particularly useful during the summer, when biting insects are more common.

These supplements are believed to aid respiratory health and digestion in horses. They also have potential anti-inflammatory effects and can contribute to cardiovascular health.

We provide a diverse array of garlic supplements at Hyperdrug, including granules, liquid, powder, and oil formulations specifically for horses.

Designed for easy administration, these supplements can be seamlessly integrated into your horse's diet, either through their feed or water. They are safe for use in foals and pregnant mares as well.

Browse our selection of garlic supplements for horses to enhance your horse's immune function and overall health.