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At Hyperdrug, we recognise that stress and anxiety in horses can adversely affect their behaviour, performance, and overall health. To address this, we offer an array of horse calmers, specifically formulated to maintain a serene and relaxed state in your equine friend.

Our calmers collection features supplements enriched with natural ingredients like magnesium, valerian root, chamomile, and hops, acclaimed for their soothing effects. These components synergistically work to alleviate anxiety, enhance relaxation, and sharpen focus in horses.

Our versatile range caters to various needs, assisting horses in remaining composed during travel, competitions, or daily activities. Featuring products from renowned brands like NAF, Equine America, and Global Herbs, we ensure the delivery of top-quality supplements.

Beyond calmers, our product line extends to include an assortment of other horse supplements, covering joint care, digestive health, and more. Our comprehensive range is ideal for both professional riders and horse owners dedicated to supporting their horse’s health and wellbeing.

Explore our selection today to find the ideal calmers and other supplements tailored to your horse's requirements.