Vitamin B12 for Horses

Browse our range of iron and B12 horse supplements to help support your horse’s energy levels and overall performance. This range of supplements contains both liquid and powder B12 and iron supplements for horses. If you’re unsure which iron or B12 horse supplement is right for you then please read more below or contact our veterinary pharmacists and qualified SQPs to get the best advice on equine care.

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For horse owners aiming to naturally boost their horse's energy and performance, Hyperdrug's B12 Iron supplements are an essential choice. Our selection includes premium quality supplements, designed to promote health and wellbeing in horses, featuring the highly regarded B12 Iron range.

These key nutrients, B12 and Iron, are fundamental in numerous physiological processes, including red blood cell production and energy metabolism. Supplementing your horse's diet with B12 and Iron can enhance their energy, endurance, and overall performance.

Our B12 Iron supplements are carefully balanced to provide these vital nutrients, and are available in various forms such as powders, pastes, and liquids. We also offer a selection of brands, ensuring you find the ideal supplement for your horse's specific needs.

Commitment to quality is at the core of Hyperdrug’s ethos, ensuring only the best supplements and horse care products for our customers. Explore our range of B12 Iron supplements and give your horse the natural energy boost needed for peak performance.