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Welcome to Hyperdrug, established in 1828 and proud to be the UK's pioneering online pet pharmacy since the turn of the millennium. Our journey began with a commitment to providing accessible pet medications and has evolved into a comprehensive one-stop destination catering to the diverse needs of pet and equine owners, dog breeders, veterinarians, and animal welfare charities.

As a family-run business nestled in the scenic North Pennines of Teesdale, County Durham, we blend traditional values with modern convenience. Our dedicated team of pharmacists and veterinary SQPs are always ready to offer personalised, expert advice, making buying pet drugs online a safer easier process. Whether you're seeking guidance on pet care or looking for quality products, our experienced team is here to assist via phone or email. Explore our extensive range and discover why Hyperdrug is the trusted choice for pet owners across the UK.

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We are Hyperdrug, a trusted online pet store, pharmacy, and accessories supplier. Our wide range of products includes top-quality medicines, wormers, flea treatments, and more, ensuring the well-being of your beloved pets. With expert guidance and care just a click away, you can keep your dogs, cats, horses, and other pets protected with reliable solutions.

At Hyperdrug, we are proud to offer accessories, medicines including veterinary prescription medicine. Our extensive range of products also includes parasite control solutions for pets including wormers and flea treatments, ensuring their protection and well-being. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and reliable products that prioritise the health and happiness of your furry companions.

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