Dog Coats and Clothing


Keep your dog lovely warm, or even cool whatever the season, In the summer they can keep cool with the Summer Motivation Cooling vest from Hurtta. Autumn and Spring the 'all in one' nylon trousers suits by Cosipet certainly keeps your dog dry and mud free in the wetter weather. We also have waxed and quilted dog coats as well as jumpers and sweaters for the colder weather in Winter.  We have them all whatevever the size of your dog. Great brands include Hurtta Dog Coats who provide great quality and include a range of vests and jackets as well as dog suits. From the makers of horse rugs Weatherbeeta Dog Coats provide marvellous protection from the elements. Reflective dog coats are brilliant not only to keep you safe at night but they help know where your dog has gone in the dark nights.

To get the correct sizing for dog coats please measure from the shoulders to the base of the tail. The most common problem is to buy a dog coat that is too large.

Please note the main query on dog coats is due to measuring incorrectly and getting a size too large. Please take careful note of the picture below, the correct measurement for a dog coat is not from the neck but the 'base of the neck' which is where the neck meets the body.