Appetite Enhancer Supplements for Underweight Horses

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Determining the root cause of your horse's reduced appetite is vital. This could stem from issues such as colic, dental problems, or other health concerns. For horses reluctant to eat due to monotonous diets, gradually introducing new feed or dividing meals into smaller servings throughout the day might be beneficial. Changes in appetite can also occur during travel, extreme heat, or when horses are isolated from companions.

Our range of appetite stimulants can help underweight horses increase their food intake, while high-calorie supplements are useful for ill or elderly horses to restore or maintain their condition. We offer popular supplements like apple cider vinegar, fenugreek, and molasses for horses.

At Hyperdrug, we prioritize your horse's overall health and wellbeing. Our selection of high-quality, safe, and effective appetite supplements and stimulants is tailored to maintain robust appetites in horses. Explore our array of products now for your horse's appetite and health needs.