Shop for flea and tick treatments for dogs available in spot-on tablets and collars including Frontline for Dogs and Advantage for Dogs as well as environmental flea sprays.  

Fleas are an intermediate host for tapeworm so routine worming with a suitable dog wormers is essential if you suspect your dog has fleas. The flea will only jump on to your dog to feed and a female flea will lay up to 50 eggs a day so a suitable household flea spray with an insect growth inhibitor should be used to break the life cycle and stop the eggs from hatching in combination with regular vacuuming. You may find our blog article 'Why do I still see fleas after my animal has been treated for them'

Ticks are more prevalent in Spring and Autumn and can carry diseases. We have more information in our blog article on Ticks and Dogs or purchase flea treatment by category here.

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