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Joint issues in horses, particularly those frequently working on hard surfaces or older horses experiencing wear and tear, can lead to lameness and discomfort. Early detection of stiffness and lameness is vital, and immediate veterinary consultation is recommended to prevent the progression of degenerative joint disease, which can impact both performance and general wellbeing.

Maintaining a healthy weight is key in reducing joint stress and preventing osteoarthritis. Horses that are overweight and less active due to joint problems need a carefully managed diet to avoid further weight gain. Arthritis leads to inflammation in the synovial membrane, potentially causing cartilage breakdown and the eventual development of bone spurs as the condition worsens.

Joint supplements for horses often contain ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM to support healthy joint function. Glucosamine, a natural cartilage component, helps repair minor joint damage. MSM, rich in sulfur and found in plants, is commonly used in colder months. Chondroitin is crucial for building and repairing healthy cartilage. It's important to remember that minor damage is necessary for tissue strengthening, but problems arise when repair is incomplete before further damage occurs.

Traditional herbs like Devil's Claw have been used for ages to alleviate joint and muscle issues in horses, especially older ones. However, be mindful that some herbs might be prohibited in competitive events, so always check with your sport's governing body before use.

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