Dog Wormers

All of our dog wormers are uk licensed and treat Roundworm and Tapeworm except Droncit worming tablets which treat Tapeworm only.   Drontal for dogs are the most popular dewormer on the market today killing all common worms.hile Easimax are our 'own brand dog worming tablets and both treat dogs at 1 tablet per 10kg. Panacur for dogs and Drontal suspension are available as a liquid which is useful for puppies, and Panacur's range includes worming granules to add to food and paste. Please note that Panacur 2.5% liquid is discontinued for use in dogs and no longer manufactured. Drontal, Prazitel and Veloxa XL worm tablets are available at a dose of one tablet per 35kg and Veloxa is available as a chewy tablet. You can find out more on our Blog article Worms & Your Dog or purchase wormers by formulation. If you need any additional help, please phone us for expert advice.

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