Heat Lamps & Bulbs for Whelping Boxes & Puppies

Heat lamps and bulbs play a vital role in providing warmth and comfort for newborn puppies and whelping mothers. They can also be used in cold areas, such as kennels, to keep adult dogs warm. Hyperdrug.co.uk offers a range of heat lamps and bulbs designed to meet the needs of puppies and dogs in various situations.

Using Heat Lamps & Bulbs for Puppies Safely

When using heat lamps and bulbs for puppies, it's essential to take precautions to ensure their safety:

  • Position the heat lamp at an appropriate distance to avoid overheating or chilling the puppies and ensure their surrounding area is safe.
  • Supervise the area until you are satisfied that the heat lamp is placed correctly.
  • Heat lamps are typically used until puppies reach 8 weeks of age when they can better regulate their body temperature.

Choosing the Right Heat Lamp & Bulb for Your Puppies

There are various types of heat lamps and bulbs available, including:

  • Ceramic dull emitter bulbs: These emit heat without light and can be used in deluxe heat lamps.
  • Heat lamps with dimmer: These lamps have two settings to control heat output.
  • Infra-red PAR bulbs: Available in clear and red glass, these bulbs provide heat for puppies and dogs.

Additional Puppy Whelping Supplies

Besides heat lamps and bulbs, consider using heat pads to warm up the whelping box and vetbeds to provide a comfortable and washable surface for the mother and puppies.

Shop our range of heat lamps and bulbs for puppies at Hyperdrug.co.uk and ensure your newborn dogs and whelping mothers stay warm and comfortable.

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