Household flea sprays for treatment of the home generally contain an insect growth inhibitor and an insecticide which helps to break the life cycle by not only killing adult fleas but by prohibiting the eggs from hatching. No flea treatments for the home will kill the pupae stage of the flea but some products such as skoosh can coat this in sillicone to prevent this from developing which is a key treatment element in breaking the flea reinfestation loop within the house. For a complete list of products for dogs please go to our Flea Treatments for Dogs department. For a complete list of products for cats please go to our flea treatments for Cats department. We have a great range of environments flea sprays for use around the home. These are essential during a flea infestation to prevent reinfecting the dog or cat. While most topcial flea treatments for the animal will kill adult fleas this will not prevent your pet becoming reinfected from the environment. Most flea sprays will kill adult fleas and larvae but it is the pupae stage that cannot be destroyed.

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