Flea Treatments

Flea Treatments for pets available as spot on, tablets and flea collars as well as flea combs and household flea sprays. For a complete list of Flea Treatments for Dogs we suggest you visit our dedicated category. Our flea treatments include products for rabbits as well as dogs and Flea Treatments for Cats. Household sprays are recommended for the home to help break the lifecycle of the flea, as eggs are laid around the house and may easily reinfect your pet, while flea collars can be an effective treatment against reinfestation. Spot on flea treatments such as Advantage Flea Treatment which also has some effect on the immediate areas around your pets living area or Frontline Spot On are easily administered and can provide long lasting protection for your pet. Fleas are the intermediate host of tapeworm in dogs so we would recommend using a Wormer for Dogs while you are treating your pet for fleas. Fleas can cause other problems such as infection and in severe conditions can cause your pet to develop flea allergy dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva from the flea. While preventitve flea treatment can stop infestation if fleas are noticed they should be treated immediately as thousands of eggs can be produced within two to three weeks. These can infest the house making breaking the life cycle very difficult. Flea treatment for the house is available as sprays but regular vacuuming throughout the home is important with particular emphasis on the your pets areas such as their beds or blankets.