Panacur for Puppies

Panacur is ideal for puppies with a dosage of one syringe graduation per one kilogram bodyweight daily for 3 days. The dose for Panacur suspension for puppies is 0.5ml per kilogram daily for 3 days. Puppies should be treated with Panacur Wormer at 2 weeks & 5 weeks of age and then before leaving the breeder. 

If you’re unsure which Panacur puppy wormer is the best choice for you then please contact our veterinary pharmacists or qualified SQPs to get the best advice regarding your dog. You can find out more information on using Panacur as an adult dog wormer, including links to dosage information on our Panacur for dogs page. Or you can browse all puppy wormers here. 

We are also happy to offer free delivery on orders of Panacur dewormer for puppies over £49. 

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