Cooler Rugs & Sheets for Horse & Ponies

Cooler rugs and sheets are essential for the summer months to keep your horse comfortable and cool by effectively regulating their body tempoerature. Also providing UV protection, they prevent sun-induced coat fading. 

Cooler rugs and sheets are also commonly used for cooling down horses post-exercise, ensuring a gradual return to normal temperature, and avoiding those symptoms caused from rapid cooling.

Explore top brands like Weatherbeeta and find the perfect choice for your horse. To ensure accurate sizing, refer to our detailed horse rug measuring guide.

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Cooler rugs and sheets are perfect for the summer months, ensuring your horse remains cool and comfortable while regulating their body temperature. They provide UV protection to safeguard against sun-induced coat fading and are designed to be breathable, keeping your horse refreshingly cool. These items are especially beneficial for cooling down horses post-exercise and preventing them from cooling too rapidly.

Explore our range of top brands including Weatherbeeta cooler rugs.

For accurate fitting, refer to our horse rug measuring guide.