Eggbutt Horse Bits for Comfortable and Secure Riding 

Looking for a horse bit that offers a comfortable and secure fit for your horse's mouth? Look no further than eggbutt bits, available now at Hyperdrug Equestrian. Eggbutt bits have a unique jointed mouthpiece that prevents excessive pressure on your horse's tongue and bars, making them ideal for horses with sensitive mouths or prone to mouth ulcers. At Hyperdrug Equestrian, we offer a wide range of eggbutt bits from top brands like Flexi, Sweet Iron, Fulmer, and French Link, all designed to ensure your horse's comfort and safety during riding. Our selection of eggbutt bits also includes options like Full Cheek French Link, Thin Mouth Flat Ring, Sweet Iron Full Cheek, Rubber Jointed, Hollow Mouth, Weymouth Eggbutt Bradoon, and Dr Bristol, so you can find the perfect fit for your horse's needs. As a beginner rider or if you're new to riding, eggbutt bits are an excellent choice as they are easy to control and offer a secure grip, reducing the risk of accidents while riding. Shop now at Hyperdrug Equestrian for the best selection of high-quality horse riding equipment and accessories, including eggbutt horse bits, to ensure your horse's comfort, safety, and health while riding.

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