Bandages & Dressings for Horses

Bandages can be used in a variety of situations for horses such as to cover wounds to help prevent infection which can aid healing, or to provide compression to prevent or reduce swelling after hard exercise, this can also keep tendons and ligaments warm and prevent them from getting stiff. Another popular use is to act as a cushioned barrier to knocks such as stable bandages, travel bandages and leg pads can be found here.

Whatever your use of bandage they can be dangerous if applied to tight. Also it is best to apply evenly and without creasing to avoid pressure points.

If used on a wound a dressing and padding such as gamgee are often applied underneath the equine bandage. Make sure they are not too tight as swelling may occur post application.

If in doubt as to competency seek professional help immediately. An incorrectly applied horse bandage may cause more problems than no bandage at all. You can read more on our blog article on horse bandaging

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