Seasonal Problems - Ticks


TICKS These can cause serious health problems in animals and humans alike

WHAT ARE THEY? Ticks belong to the spider family and can vary in size from a pin-head (unfed) to the size of a coffee bean (fully fed) when they are seen sticking out from the skin like a small balloon.

WHERE ARE THEY FOUND? Often in woodland, fields or parkland especially where there are deer or sheep but also increasingly in towns and gardens. They cannot fly or leap but may be on plants near the ground and fallen leaves and attach themselves by means of hooked legs. to passing animals or people.

WHY CAN THEY BE DANGEROUS? TICKS can spread MANY diseases the most common of which is “LYME DISEASE” This causes inflamed joints and lymph glands, muscle aches fever and depression. Severe cases may affect the heart and nervous system even leading to partial paralysis . Laminitis may follow infection in horses. Other serious diseases spread by ticks include Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis and Louping ill Virus .

ARE TICKS JUST A PROBLEM IN THE UK? No this is a world-wide problem and pets should be treated before leaving and re-entering the UK with an effective product. Information on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) can be obtained from the DEFRA website or by phoning 0870 241 1710.

HOW ARE INFECTIONS FROM TICKS TREATED? There is no effective treatment for Looping ill Virus but other infections in both animals and humans may be treated with antibiotics or anti-protozoal drugs but long courses may be necessary and it is difficult to test whether treatment has been effective.

SHOULD TICKS BE REMOVED? Yes but it is important to use properly designed tick “hooks” or “tick forceps” correctly so that the tick is removed completely without squeezing its fluids out.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PROTECT A DOG AGAIINST TICKS ? Hyperdrug (the home of the Canine Chemists) recommend FLEA & TICK DROPS which contain Permethrin which kills ticks and also repels ticks as well as fleas and give a full month’s protection but are not suitable for use on cats. Some flea drops including prescription brands are less effective against ticks and often have a shorter duration of action and no repellent effect.

ARE FLEA COLLARS EFFECTIVE AGAINST TICKS? If you prefer to use a collar we recommend SCALIBOR but these should not be used in addition to drops.

GOING ABROAD ? Remember to use an effective product not only when travelling but also whilst abroad to reduce the risk of infection or introducing infected foreign ticks into the UK. Also remember to use a wormer effective against Echinoccoccus tape worms. Canine Chemists recommend EASIMAX PLUS or any other wormer with an equally effective formula.


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