Frontline for Cats

Frontline for Cats is a treatment for fleas, ticks and biting lice in cats and kittens weighing more than 1kg and over 8 weeks of age. Frontline is effective for up to 5 weeks against fleas and 4 weeks for ticks in cats. Fleas can cause tapeworm infestation as well as anaemia in kittens. Frontline for cats kills fleas by making them hyperexcitable so fleas may become more apparent after application. This is not a sign that Frontline is not effective for cats fleas will be killed within 24 hours of contact with the active ingredient fipronil and most fleas will be dead within two days. However eggs that are hatching and environmental challenge from fleas in the house may reinfest the cat in the coming days but will be killed on contact with the animal. A household flea spray with an insect growth inhibitor should be used on conjunction with Frontline for cats. With summer on its way an early treatment of Frontline for Cats can prevent larger outbreaks of fleas around the home. However enivironmental treatment should always be used when fleas are detected.


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