Dog Calmers, Calming Supplements & Spray Products for Dogs

Welcome to Hyperdrug's selection of effective anxiety and stress relief calming products for dogs. Whether your dog is highly strung or experiences occasional anxiety, we have the right products to support their well-being.

Our range of dog calmers includes calming supplements for dogs, calming spray for dogs and other dog calming products from trusted brands like Adaptil, Zylkene, and Pet Remedy. These solutions help manage anxiety caused by separation, car journeys, vet visits, strangers, other dogs, and noise triggers like thunder or fireworks.

In addition to behavioral training and desensitization, our dog training supplies, such as headcollars and treats, aid in training your pet effectively and humanely.

For dogs with separation anxiety, our interactive dog toys, like Kong toys and activity toys, provide distraction and prevent boredom, making mealtimes rewarding.

Discover the power of herbal products, supplements, and diffusers that have been used for years to manage anxiety in dogs. Adaptil diffusers contain lactating dog pheromones, proven to reduce stress. Zylkene, a natural protein from milk, has undergone clinical trials for effectiveness. Traditional herbal products with skullcap or valerian also offer calming benefits.

Browse our range of dog calming solutions today and give your furry friend a more comfortable and happy life. Experience Hyperdrug's commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction with every purchase. Shop now!

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