• Horse Worm Egg Counting
    2nd Sep 2021
    In the fight against wormer resistance faecal worm egg counts are vital tools in the armoury to prevent resistance to horse wormers. Faecal worm egg counts are invaluable as they enable horse owners t… read more
  • Horse & Country TV
    26th Feb 2016
    Horse & Country TV’s informative Vet Essentials episode on worm control in horses is being aired again this spring. Watching it is an easy and entertaining way to learn everything you need to know… read more
  • Horse Fly Control Video
    10th Feb 2016
    Following on from our successful webinar on horse wormers and strategic worm control we are please to introduce a new webinar on horse fly control produced by Hyperdrug and Zoetis the makers of Equest… read more
  • Tapeworm Time and Horse Wormers
    18th Sep 2015
    As we approach tapeworm time it is important to remember that although traditionally the time to worm for this parasite have been around October and March it does not really matter when you treat as l… read more
  • Horse Wormers and Worming Webinar
    8th Sep 2015
    Recently Hyperdrug in conjunction with Zoetis the makers of Equest and Pramox created a webinar which was broadcast live to horse owners to help provide the knowledge needed to help maintain your hors… read more
  • Pramox and Equest now treat up to 700kg
    1st Sep 2014
    Pramox and Equest are now in tubes to treat horses up to 700kg in weight.Zoetis the makers of Pramox and Equest have made some changes to two of their horse wormers.Pramox and Equest are now in tubes… read more
  • How can I tell if my dog has worms?
    17th Jun 2013
    Worms are rarely passed in faeces. Occasionally tapeworm segments which look like grains of rice may be seen or roundworm which is a long white worm can be found in faeces. Eggs are commonly found in… read more
  • How can I tell if my cat has worms?
    15th Jun 2013
    It is quite rare for worms to be passed through faeces, but occasionally a roundworm can be passed, and these will be seen as quite long worms which some people can mistake for tapeworm however this i… read more
  • Horse Wormers faq
    11th Jan 2013
    Horse Wormers faqI just cannot be bothered to read this, what can I do?Give us a ring on 01833 641112 our pharmacists and SQP's are happy to discuss your individual requirements and help you plan you… read more
  • 31st Jul 2012
    Dogs and cats are not the only pets to suffer from worms, E cuniculi is a particularly nasty parasite that infects rabbits. It is estimated that half of all pet rabbits have been exposed to this poten… read more
  • Worming Pregnant Bitches
    30th Jul 2012
    Puppies are born with roundworms which even regular worming throughout their lives will not eliminate completely. Worms pass across the placenta from the bitch before pups are born as well as in the m… read more
  • Frontline Alternative
    27th Jul 2012
    The way the drug industry works is that when drugs are new, the drug company that developed them has a patent, that means that no one else can copy them and sell them. This is fair enough, the company… read more
  • Solving Flea & Tick Problems
    16th Feb 2012
    The problemMillions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal flea drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines licensed with governments throughout the world.WHAT INGREDIENTS D… read more