• 8th Aug 2022
    Hyperdrug is proud to be the chosen supplier of medicines and surgical products to very many animal charities - ranging from small, local groups to national organisations. Our pharmacists provide a po… read more
  • Fireworks & Pets - Helping Them Cope
    26th Oct 2021
    Animals hearing, generally speaking is far more acute than humans. Loud noises such as those produced by fireworks – bangs and whistles, can cause actual pain in the ears of animals. It is for this re… read more
  • New Frontline Plus
    26th Jul 2016
    Frontline Plus is a NEW double action flea treatment from Merial Animal Health. The same as Frontline Combo, which is still only available with a written veterinary prescription, Frontline Plus is ava… read more
  • Joint Pain In Dogs & Cats
    25th Feb 2016
    How to ease joint pain in dogs and catsSigns that your pet is experiencing increased stiffness and joint pain include:Reluctance to walk, jump, or playLimpingLagging behind on walksDifficulty rising f… read more
  • Zylkene Fireworks and Pets Video
    18th Feb 2016
    From building dens to not scolding your pets. Loads of helpful advice for pet owners.Zylkene pet advice for fireworks. From building dens to not scolding your pets. Loads of helpful advice for pet own… read more
  • Understanding Thyroid Problems
    18th Feb 2016
    UNDERSTANDING THYROID PROBLEMS IN DOGS & CATSCats may suffer from over production of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) in later life. The signs of this include weight loss plus restlessness and a… read more
  • Solving Flea & Tick Problems
    17th Feb 2016
    SOLVING FLEA & TICK PROBLEMSThe problem ?Millions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines fully licensed with governments thro… read more
  • New Hills Metabolic
    6th Jul 2013
    When dogs or cats are overweight this can lead to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Arthritis can also be worsened by the inflammatory effects of obesity.While we control how much do… read more
  • How can I tell if my cat has worms?
    15th Jun 2013
    It is quite rare for worms to be passed through faeces, but occasionally a roundworm can be passed, and these will be seen as quite long worms which some people can mistake for tapeworm however this i… read more
  • How can I tell if my dog or cat has fleas?
    13th Jun 2013
    Fleas can cause irritation where they bite and can make your cat or dog itchy. So look for signs of excessive grooming, such as licking or scratching. This can lead to sore, red skin which in turn can… read more
  • My dog does not have fleas
    11th Jun 2013
    “My dog does not have fleas”This was the indignant reaction from my sister in law when I mildly suggested that the collection of bites in the classic ‘flea bite cluster’ on my 3 year old sons leg coul… read more
  • The link between worms and fleas
    7th Jun 2013
    A lot of pet owners do not realise the link between fleas and worms but it is actually the flea that is the cause of most common tapeworm in both cats and dogs.While farm and country dogs may have a p… read more
  • 1st Sep 2012
    Q. My Vet has never offered me a prescription.A.Unfortunately this is not unusual despite the efforts of the Royal College ofVeterinary Surgeons to ensure Vets obey their legal & professional obli… read more
  • Solving flea problems
    1st Aug 2012
    Allergy to FleasIf your pet is still scratching after using flea drops they may have developed an allergy to flea dust which may last for months after the fleas have gone. Insecticides are not a treat… read more
  • Frontline Alternative
    27th Jul 2012
    The way the drug industry works is that when drugs are new, the drug company that developed them has a patent, that means that no one else can copy them and sell them. This is fair enough, the company… read more
  • Solving Flea & Tick Problems
    16th Feb 2012
    The problemMillions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal flea drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines licensed with governments throughout the world.WHAT INGREDIENTS D… read more