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  • Cimicat 250g Currently Unavailable
    Cimicat is a scientifically prepared milk substitute for cats of all ages. It helps give cats and kittens a smooth, sleek fur and promotes good health.
    Was: £12.09
    Now: £9.05
  • Welpi Milk Replacer Currently Unavailable
    Welpi is the closest approximation to bitches milk, and can be fed soon after the onset of pregnancy, throughout puppyhood and during ill health and convalescence, to assist in the return to normal health. It can be mixed as a milk or sprinkled on t
    £9.05 - £36.89
  • Safebed Paper Wool Currently Unavailable
    Safebed Paper Wool is a white disposable bedding suitable for nesting. It is important that it is torn and shaken out before use as it is made of long pieces. Safebed Paper Wool is available in sachets, 2kg and 10kg bales.
    £1.15 - £36.89
  • Safebed Paper Shavings Currently Unavailable
    Safebed Paper Shavings are a very finely shredded coloured paper bedding and nesting material made from a combination of Paper Flakes and Paper Wool for all small animals.
    Was: £6.99
    Now: £5.25
  • Petlife Hottie Currently Unavailable
    Just like a hot water bottle, the Hottie® gives continuous gentle warmth. It can be heated in the microwave and lasts for hours helping with muscle relaxation, to relieve injury and reduce stress.
    Was: £24.09
    Now: £17.89
  • Otodex Ear Drops 14ml Currently Unavailable
    Otodex Ear Drops are specially formulated for cats and dogs to address ear problems. These fast-acting drops relieve scratching, clear ear wax, and eliminate ear mites. With bactericidal properties, they are effective in treating common and chronic
    Was: £6.09
    Now: £4.59
  • Safebed Fluff Hamster Bedding (sachet) Currently Unavailable
    Safebed Fluff Bedding is a soft gentle and absorbent bedding made from hygienically prepared fibres obtained from the cell walls of plants and regenerated into fibre to provide the extra warmth and comfort small animals need. Safebed Fluff Bedding i
    Was: £1.33
    Now: £1.01