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  • Panacur Horse Wormer Granules Currently Unavailable
    Panacur Horse Wormer Granules. Last 6-8 weeks. One sachet will treat 300kg bodyweight. In relative terms that means that two sachets are equal to one panacur horse wormer paste. These horse wormers granule are mixed with feed for easy administatio
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  • Panacur Horse Wormer Paste Currently Unavailable
    Panacur wormer for horses is apple cinnamon flavoured so it may be of help for horses that are harder to worm, lasts about 4-6 weeks. from the Equine Pharmacy. Panacur Horse Wormers treat 600kg body weight of horse and are suitable for pregnant m
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  • Panacur Equine Guard Horse Wormer 225ml Currently Unavailable
    Panacur Equine Guard liquid horse wormer is a five day course that treats encysted redworm in horses. One bottle of Panacur Guard will treat 600kg body weight of horse. These horse wormers are suitable fo use in pregnant mares and young foals. Ide
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