Jo Winder

Jo Winder AMTRA SQP Buyer and Product Manager

Jo has been here since the 90s. As our buyer her product knowledge is second to none, but her passion is rescue dogs, which she has always helped and rehomed as well as helping many charities. She qualified as an AMTRA SQP in 2000 and often passes CPD modules with an astounding 100% pass rate.

"We always try to help as many charities as possible" says Jo who often donates Hyperdrug products to our local animal charities. "We offer a discount of 10% to charities who buy online and I think that has really made a difference over the years."

Jo has been busy during Covid sourcing products during the supply chain. "If you cannot find or source a medicine please give us a ring" says Jo "We can often find an alternative, but if not we will always try to help and give you the best advice.".