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Leucillin Antiseptic Skin Care Spray for Dogs, Horses & Pets


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Leucillin Antiseptic Spray for Dogs & All Animals

Leucillin is specifically developed to cater to the needs of both the equine and pet care markets. It offers a reliable, high-strength healthcare solution that pet owners and equine enthusiasts can depend on with confidence. This remarkable one-step topical pathogen control spray is not only 100% safe and non-toxic but also versatile in its application, suitable for all mammals, birds, and reptiles. Leucillin sets itself apart from the competition by demonstrating exceptional germ-killing efficacy, with the capability to eliminate up to an astonishing 99.99999% of germs.

Leucillin is a versatile solution with a wide range of applications. It excels in cleaning and flushing minor wounds, making it an indispensable addition to your pet or horse's first-aid kit. Moreover, Leucillin is renowned for its soothing properties, providing relief to sensitive skin and addressing irritating eye conditions. It accomplishes all this while delivering a powerful and effective solution.

From large equines to tiny hamsters, Leucillin is the go-to choice for fast, safe, and highly effective healthcare. Whether you're treating a horse with skin irritations or a small pet with an eye issue, Leucillin delivers results you can trust.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective for all mammalian animals, birds, and reptiles
  • Synergizes with the body's immune system
  • Contains NO steroids, antibiotics, or alcohols, ensuring safety and purity
  • Promotes and maintains healthy, itch-free skin
  • Non-toxic, skin pH neutral, and completely safe for your pets
  • Gentle application that does not sting or irritate
  • Preserves healthy tissue, supporting the healing process
  • Requires no rinsing, making it hassle-free for both you and your pets

With its unbeatable 99.99999% effectiveness, it stands out in eliminating germs that cause infection, dryness, itchiness, and other skin concerns. Whether it's sensitive ears, eyes, or allergy-prone skin, Leucillin ensures quick relief, soothing and calming irritated areas while actively preventing further infections.

How Does Leucillin Work?

A unique formula that mimics the body's own immune response, Leucillin spray replicates the action of leukocytes – the white blood cells responsible for combating infections. Allowing your pet's skin to recover naturally. 

Leucillin is made up of Hypochlorous (HOCl), a naturally occurring chemical produced by the white blood cells in mammals. 

Leucillin Safety

Leucillin's unique advantage lies in its composition of Hypochlorous, a naturally occurring chemical already present in the body. This means that animals, especially those with skin sensitivity to other products, can use Leucillin without any concerns about adverse reactions or side effects. It's a completely safe choice for various applications, including treating cuts and minor wounds, as well as being ingested by domestic pets who may lick treated areas.


Active ingredient Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Demineralized Water (H2O)

Use in Competition

Moreover, Leucillin is the perfect choice for competitive animals. It has been rigorously tested and is considered free of any substances prohibited under the regulations of organizations like the FEI or Jockey Club, ensuring compliance with competition standards for equines.

How to Use Leucillin

Give the spray nozzle two quick sprays to clear it, then apply the solution generously directly onto the intended area. 

How to Use Leucillin on Dogs Ears & Other Sensitive Areas

You can confidently use it in various applications, even on sensitive areas such as dogs ears and delicate skin.  For particularly sensitive areas, such as ears, saturating a piece of cotton wool with Leucillin and then applying it is an effective and gentle approach.


Leucillin is available in the following sizes.






Can it be used on diabetic digs There is no information regarding use in diabetic animals. Please speak to your vet if you are concerned. -- Is this the same stuff commonly known as purple spray used originally for horses? No, we do sell purple spray, but this is not the same product. -- Can this help to heal skin rash on jackrussels Without knowing what is causing the rash we would be unable to advise if this will help. We would advise you speak to your veterinary surgeon. -- Can it be used if my dog as wet dermatitis and is there such a thing as wet dermatitis Please consult your veterinary surgeon -- Can I use it on dogs furunvle? Please speak to your veterinary surgeon regarding this. -- Would this be suitable to spray on bare areas on chickens? We can see no reason why this could not be used. -- Our 14 year old pug has been licking the top of one paw and it has become sore. Would this be safe to use if she continued to lick it .The vet said try bitter spray . Do you know which treatment would be best please. The bitter spray should stop the dog from licking the area if the licking is causing the problem. Please go back to the vet for further advise if you are concerned. -- Is it for dogs stomach area Yes this can be used on the dogs stomach -- Can i use it on my puppies ears? Yes, this is an ideal product safe to use on puppies ears -- Can I use it on my dogs paw? Yes this would be ideal to use on a dogs paw. -- Can this be used against ringworm This would not treat ringworm. Please call us for more information regarding ringworm. -- Can this be used for the dogs bottom Yes we can see no reason why not. This product is very safe. -- My dog keeps bite herself she straching and bites her belly and paws are a mess she been to vet plus I put stink stuff on so wat I’m asking wat can I use to stop her bite and scatching her self it’s no fleas or mites I think it grass If this is an allergy your vet can prescribe treatments to help the reaction. We would not advise you apply anything to the skin. Please go back to your vet regarding this -- Can it be used on Chinchillas, and would it help ringworm? This will not treat ringworm, please consult your veterinary surgeon -- Can you spray into dogs mouth where teeth have come and are sore with some bleeding? We have spoken to the manufacturers of the product and they have advised it is safe to use in the mouth, ears and even eyes. -- Can you use it on a cats scabs on the inside of leg area? Yes this would be suitable to use on your cat -- Can you use it on 10 week old kittens to help treat ringworm? No you will need to speak to your veterinary surgeon for treatment of ringworm on cats. -- Can this be used to help treat Pastern dermatitis in horses? There is no information regarding the effect on Pastern Dermatitis, you may wish to speak to your vet regarding this. -- My dog keeps getting a little boil between on top of her toe which keeps bursting would this help clear that up? No, please speak to a veterinary surgeon. -- Can i use on my ferrets sore tail? Yes this can be used on ferrets -- Is this suitable for mild cat acne please? This is an antibacterial spray so may help with this condition, we would suggest checking with your veterinary surgeon before using it though. -- Can this be used on wounds? Yes this can be used on small wounds and grazes -- Can i use this on cats sore shaved skin Yes this can be used, it will have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties -- Can I use it on my cat keep scratching his self and it not flies Please speak to the vet regarding any underlining issue. There could be several reasons why they are scratching. -- My dog is diagnosed with malasesia yeast infection, will this help ? This hasn’t been tested for that use, please consult your veterinary surgeon. -- Can I use this inside horses nose? Yes, this can be used inside the nostrils. -- Can you use on dogs eye? Yes this can be used around the eyes ears and nose. -- Can this be used to treat guinea pig mites? This will not have any effect on parasites on the animal. -- Can this be used on open wounds on rabbits? Yes this can be used but we would advise you consult your vet for advise on open wounds -- Is this a coloured liquid? Or clear This is a clear liquid -- Can it be used on irritated and broken skin on my dog caused by flea bites Yes this can be used on broken skin. -- Can I use this on an protruding polyp on my dog? Please speak to your veterinary surgeon regarding this. -- Can I use it on my English bulldogs skin folds to avoid bad smells and infections? Yes this product is suitable for skin folds. -- Do you spray it into the dogs ears my dog keeps getting ear infections ,it’s costing me a fortune at the vets. This will not treat an ear infections. Please go back to your veterinary surgeon regarding this, -- My 9yr old Jack Russell has very red raw paws underneath in between its paws and it’s spread over his belly lightly and his skin round his wee nose he bits the raw all the time I feel so sad I don’t no wat to do Please speak to your veterinary surgeon, there is many things that may cause this but you will need to get this diagnosed by a vet. -- Can it be used on my dogs wart on his neck ? It keeps bleeding and smells ? We would advise you consult your veterinary surgeon but can se no reason why this cannot be used. -- Would it help reduce the fluid filled cyst on top of dog’s ear ? You would need to speak to a veterinary surgeon regarding this -- My dog is always licking her paws and it’s staining her fur Please speak to your veterinary surgeon to why she may be doing this. Leucillin may help the discolouration of the fur. -- Can I use it on an open wound on the paw of my dog? Yes this would be suitable to help remove any germs and irritation from the wound. -- Can it be used on a infection after an operation Please speak to a veterinary surgeon regarding what to apply to an infection. -- Is it in anyway harmful to the animal by linking the sprayed area No this is safe for the animal to ingest although we would recommend to keep this minimal as it will not have the desired effect if licked off. -- Can this be used to help of the removal of skin tag on my beagle No, this will not help the removal of skin tags. Please speak to a veterinary surgeon -- Can I use it on a yorkies hot spots please? Yes this can be used on hotspots. -- Can this be used to treat dermadex mites No, this has no insecticidal properties. -- Can it be used on lip fold problems in a cocker spaniel? Yes this product is ideal for cleaning skin folds. -- Can this be used to treat stud tail in cats? This would not treat the problem, please speak to a veterinary surgeon. -- Can we use this on a Chickens foot looks like Bumble foot Yes, this product can be used on chickens.


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