How do I buy Prescription Medicines

  1. Please order via our web-site and ensure the CORRECT BOX is ticked to say how the prescription is being sent to us.
  2. Do not order unless you have a valid prescription- no prescription means no drugs can be dispensed.
  3. If ordering in a different name to the owner's name on the prescription please write this name at top of the prescription to help us.
  4. Emailed prescriptions to are fine except for "controlled drugs" like Phenobarbitone & Gabapentin or if the drug is for Human not veterinary use. 
  5. Please note we do not dispense NHS prescriptions. 
  6. To upload your prescription click here

If this is the case please post prescriptions to 


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What is a prescription only medicine?

It is a legal classification where the medicine may only be dispensed and supplied by a pharmacist on receipt of a valid prescription.


Where can I obtain a prescription?

Following a law change after an investigation by the competition commission in 2005 your vet will provide a prescription on request if you were going to be obtaining the same medication from themselves.


How long does a prescription last for?

Prescriptions are valid for 6 months. NB this does not apply to controlled drugs.


Will I be charged for the prescription?

Some vets do charge but this cannot be unreasonable.


What is a repeat prescription?

Most vets are happy to supply a prescription providing medication for the same length of time before they would want to see the animal again. This is often 6 months.

eg prescription repeat 5 times.

1x original dispensing

5 x repeats

= 6 lots of supply from 1 prescription


Do I need a prescription for 'veterinary diets' or 'Prescription Diets'?

No these are dog food.


Do you accept prescriptions from outside of the UK?



What are Controlled Drugs (such as Epiphen)?

These are medicines that are subect to additional controls by law.

Repeats are not allowed.

Only original signed prescriptions sent in the post or by hand are valid.

They are only valid for 28 days from the date they are signed.

They need to have the vets registration number written on the prescription.

Quantities need to be in words and figures.

Who governs prescriptions and the supply of veterinary medicines for animals?

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) for Veterinary products and the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) is responsible for human medicines.


What is a data sheet?

We provide datasheets or the SPC (summary of product characteristics) on each medication where this is applicable.


Can my vet refuse to give me a prescription?

Not if it is a medicine they would be supplying you themselves.

What about adverse reactions on veterinary medicines

Let the prescribing vet know as soon as possible and either you or they can report this using the yellow card system. Link below.