Travel Gear for Horses

When it comes to travelling with your horse, it's important to ensure their safety and comfort. That's why we offer a wide range of travel gear for horses that includes everything from tail guards and travel boots to shipping boots and headcollars.

Our travel gear is made from high-quality materials to provide maximum protection and comfort for your horse during transportation. Whether you're heading to a competition or simply taking your horse to the vet, our travel gear will help keep your horse safe and relaxed on the journey.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Tail guards: These protect your horse's tail during transportation, preventing it from rubbing against the sides of the trailer or horsebox.

  • Travel boots: These boots protect your horse's legs during transportation, reducing the risk of injury from bumps or kicks.

  • Headcollars: A secure headcollar is essential for safe loading and unloading of your horse, as well as for leading them during transportation.

We also offer a range of other travel gear for horses, including haynets, water buckets, and feed bags. These essential items will help keep your horse comfortable and well-fed during their journey.

At Hyperdrug Equestrian, we understand the importance of ensuring your horse's safety and comfort during travel. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of travel gear for horses. Shop our selection today and travel with confidence knowing your horse is well-protected.

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