Stable and Yard Collection of Horse Collars, Masks, and Muzzles

Discover our top-quality products from trusted brands like Roma, Lincoln, Equilibrium, and Stubbs, all designed to help you care for your horse's health and wellbeing. Our selection features a range of types and styles, including grazing muzzles, cribbing straps, and muzzle nets, each made from durable and safe materials.

Our Roma grazing muzzles are a popular choice for horses with conditions such as laminitis, while Lincoln's cribbing strap helps deter stable vices like crib biting and wind sucking. Equilibrium's Net Relief Muzzle Net is a great solution for head shaking symptoms, and we also offer a range of muzzles from Stubbs, including the hard-wearing and comfortable pony muzzle.

At Hyperdrug UK, we're committed to prioritizing your horse's health and comfort. Browse our range of products today and give your horses the care they deserve.

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