Horse Wormers

Horse Wormers are part of a strategic worming programme including pasture management. We offer worm egg count testing which can help determine which horse wormer to use at this time of year. Horse wormer treatments for tapeworm, which is present in up to 69% of horses in the UK, are commonly used in Spring and Autumn. Any horse is at risk of infection from worms but the horses most at risk are those under 5 years old or those over 15 years of age with lower immunity.

Praziquantel (Equitape is no longer made) is effective at tapeworm; killing 3 species as opposed to double dosing with pyrantel which only kills 1; Praziquantel is avaiable as a combination horse wormer with ivermectin or moxidectin. Ivermectin is effective for bots. Moxidectin horse wormers are available in Equest or Pramox (Pramox also treats tapeworm) and treat encysted small redworm as does Panacur Equine Guard 5 day. For advice on horse wormers ring us on 01833 641112. As the largest supplier of horse wormers in the uk we are able to offer cheaper prices. Equest Pramox Horse Wormers 700kg tube is now fully licensed for breeding, pregnant and lactating mares. Equest Horse Wormer is available as a 700kg tube.

By Ben Watson Amtra SQP updated 28/09/2021

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