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Stabled horses require warmth during cold weather, and stable rugs are an effective way to ensure their comfort. Our selection of stable rugs caters to various needs, including those of older horses, clipped horses, or those that are naturally less active.

Different from turnout rugs, stable rugs are not made for waterproofing or wind resistance. Instead, they focus on providing warmth and preventing stable-related stains. For added convenience, most of our stable rugs are machine washable with non-biological detergent.

Switching from a wet turnout rug to a dry stable rug is beneficial for horses returning from outdoor conditions. This change helps prevent sores and offers dry warmth for the evening. The filling of the rug should be chosen based on the horse's age, clipping status, and the level of cold exposure.

Explore our collection of stable rugs from trusted brands like Weatherbeeta and Hy, designed to keep your horse warm and comfortable throughout the winter.