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Clipping your horse in autumn before the colder months can help prevent overheating and benefit more active horses worked during winter. Horse clippers come in various models to suit different clipping requirements. Heavy-duty clippers are ideal for larger areas, while cordless clippers are suitable for less arduous work. Horse trimmers are perfect for smaller areas or for horses that are clipper-shy.

Overweight horses can benefit from a clip, as the extra energy spent keeping warm can aid weight loss. Before using a turnout rug, consider whether it may require fill depending on the horse's age and activity levels.

  • Clip your horse with smooth strokes, against the direction of hair growth, smoothing out any folded skin with your spare hand as you go.
  • Start on a less sensitive area such as the shoulder.
  • Clean your clippers frequently.
  • Avoid using blunt clipper blades.
  • Rub any excess hair out of the way as you progress.

Some popular brands of horse clippers include Wahl

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