Kimblewick Horse Bits

The Cambridge Mouth Slotted Ring Kimblewick Bit - Versatile Bit for Comfortable Control

Looking for a versatile bit that provides comfort and control for your horse? The Cambridge Mouth Slotted Ring Kimblewick Bit, available at Hyperdrug Equestrian, is a great option. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this bit features a Cambridge mouthpiece that provides more comfort for your horse's mouth. The slotted rings allow you to adjust the reins for the perfect fit.

This bit is a great choice for horses that need more control. The combination of the curb chain and snaffle bit allows for increased flexion and lightness in the rider's hands. The Cambridge mouthpiece also distributes pressure more evenly, making it an excellent choice for horses prone to mouth ulcers.

 We also offer other accessories to complement your horse's bit, such as curb chain hooks and leather curb chain guards.

Choose the right bit for your horse's comfort and performance. Shop now at Hyperdrug Equestrian for the best selection of high-quality horse riding equipment and accessories, including the Cambridge Mouth Slotted Ring Kimblewick Bit.

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