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  • Horse First Omega D Oil Currently Unavailable
    Omega D Oil is a cold-pressed flax seed oil with added Vitamin D, 'the sunshine vitamin'. It contains the correct balance of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are known as Essential Fatty Acids. These Omega Fatty Acids CANNOT be naturally produced by your ho
    £22.09 - £38.45
  • Horse First My Muscle Currently Unavailable
    My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant Vitamins E & C which will aid muscle tissue during exercise, training and competition by eliminating free radicals. It helps to support the muscle metabolism and maintain the immune system by effecti
    £23.55 - £109.65
  • Horse First My Joints Currently Unavailable
    My Joints is a unique formulation of high levels of glucosamine, Vitamin C and sepiolite. These ingredients have a proven effectiveness, we have not included other ingredients which under placebo tests have no proven value.
    £26.79 - £162.35
  • Horse First Keep Me Sound Currently Unavailable
    KeepMESound nurtures and cares for joints, hooves, coat, skin and assists the digestive system, giving all round help and support in a scoop. This maintenance supplement is an essential addition for optimum health.
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    Now: £29.49
  • Horse First Heavy Sweat Currently Unavailable
    Heavy Sweat is formulated to replace salts lost during exercise. Our balanced electrolyte supplement is the easy way to ensure horses are not lacking in these vital salts and to effectively replenish and hydrate your horse.
    £11.85 - £71.75
  • Horse First Garlic & More Currently Unavailable
    Garlic & More is nature's goodness packed into one special supplement. It is a complete, powerful unique blend of garlic, seaweed, herbs, oil, salt and vitamins that benefits all horses and ponies.
    £21.39 - £51.15
  • Horse First Exselent E Currently Unavailable
    Horse First Exselent E. Vitamin E and selenium improves muscle and well-being. Increases muscle performance during or through development and relaxation.
    £27.05 - £57.69
  • Horse First B Well Currently Unavailable
    B Well is a B Group vitamin supplement containing essential B group vitamins and folic acid which are essential for energy production, efficient feed utilization and blood cell formation.
    £18.45 - £40.89
  • Horse First Acid Aid Currently Unavailable
    Acid Aid has been developed to soothe the gastric system and maintain a healthy digestive tract in both horses and ponies. The key ingredients effectively settle excess acid.
    £39.89 - £109.65