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  • Super 14 Currently Unavailable
    Contains protein, methionine, vegetable fat, fiber, ash, selenium, vitamins A, E and B-6. Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids plus vitamin E and vitamin B-6 to leave skin healthy, coats sleek and glossy
  • Icetight 24 Hour Poultice Currently Unavailable
    This effective 24-hour leg clay needs one application and can be used instead of tubbing, icing or hosing. It contains natural clays, glycerine and aloe vera. It washes off easily with water.
    £38.09 - £101.35
  • Electro Dex Currently Unavailable
    Supplies the mineral salts that active horses may lose in sweat during training or competition and is a cherry flavoured micro-blend for use in feed or drinking water.
  • Apple-Dex Currently Unavailable
    Apple-Dex for Horses. Apple-flavored, sodium-based electrolyte supplement which helps replace electrolytes lost during strenuous activity, including training or competition.
  • Canine Red Cell 946ml Currently Unavailable
    Canine Red Cell is a liquid vitamin/mineral supplement fortified with iron and zinc. Helps keep dogs performing on the hunt, the track and in the showring. Can also be used for pregnant and lactating females, older or delapidated dogs and puppies.
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    Now: £23.99
  • Quitt 1.7kg Currently Unavailable
    Highly palatable feed supplement provides essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to satisfy a horse's nutritional requirements and eliminate the urge to chew wood.
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    Now: £44.99
  • Cough Free 454g Currently Unavailable
    Helps with colds, heaves (broken wind) and allergies. 100% natural formula of herbs and minerals developed by an Amish horse expert.
    Was: £52.00
    Now: £41.49