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  • Effax Boot Polish 75ml - Black Currently Unavailable
    Effax Boot Polish 75ml. Perfect for all kinds of leather riding boots, simply apply using the integrated sponge and then polish for a glossy shine. Extremely dirt and water repellent so the leather can be polished up again very quickly.
    Was: £7.58
    Now: £5.39
  • Effax Glycerine Soap 300ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Glycerine Soap 300ml. Leather care in one simple step. Cleans all smooth leather quickly, gently and thoroughly, as well as removing stubborn dirt such as dust and sweat marks.
    Was: £9.62
    Now: £6.89
  • Effax Leather Balsam Currently Unavailable
    Extremely valuable leather care with substances which ensure long life and reliability of leather equipment and at the same time give it a brilliant shine. Contains: care additives such as beeswax, lanolin and avocado oil.
    £1.75 - £8.75
  • Effax Leather Cream Soap 400ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Leather Cream Soap 400ml. Now in an innovative flexible flicflac bottle with a membrane opening so it can be hung up without a top on the bottle. Cleans and nourishes at the same time.
    Was: £13.22
    Now: £9.45
  • Effax Leather Grip Stick 50ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Leather Grip Stick 50ml. This easy to use, versatile deostick gives the leather and particularly the rider a firm and perfectly uncomplicated grip. No water is required, the product is applied directly to the leather in circular movements with
    Was: £10.70
    Now: £7.65
  • Effax Leather Lacquer 250ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Leather lacquer for intensive blackening of leather and harnesses. For freshening up leather which has lost its shine and worn areas, for treating isolated scratches, for blackening all kinds of leather as well as for shoes and other leather i
    Was: £15.14
    Now: £11.85
  • Effax Leather Oil with Brush 475ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Leather Oil with Brush 475ml. Nourishes, cares for and protects all smooth leathers. Vaseline, genuine whale oil and other valuable, leather care substances ensure durability and thus also the reliability of your leather equipment - a great pl
    Was: £16.70
    Now: £11.95
  • Effax Leather Soft 475ml Currently Unavailable
    Effax Leather Soft 475ml. The exclusive leather softener with valuable caring oil additives. Makes the leather particularly supple, tearproof and pleasant to touch. Suitable for all smooth leathers.
    Was: £19.22
    Now: £13.69