Puppy Feeding Bottles

Hand-rearing puppies requires the right tools to ensure they receive the proper nutrition they need. At Hyperdrug.co.uk, we stock a range of puppy bottles and newborn puppy feeding feeders, which are perfect for hand rearing small puppies. We also have mothering kits for very small and newborn pups, while tubes are available for use by experienced professionals.

How to Feed Puppies Using Bottles and Feeders

Place your puppy on their belly in a position similar to how they would naturally feed from their mother (do not place them on their back) then allow them to suck from the teat. If they stop feeding, try taking a break before resuming. Feed them until they are satiated.

Take care if you see any milk, froth, or bubbles from their nose, as this could mean the milk has entered the respiratory tract. If you have concerns, consult your veterinarian for guidance.

Why Choose Hyperdrug.co.uk for Puppy Bottles and Feeders

At Hyperdrug.co.uk, we are committed to providing high-quality products that cater to the needs of your puppies during their early stages of life. Our selection of bottles and feeders ensures that you have the right tools to hand rear your puppies with confidence, knowing they are getting the proper nutrition and care they need.

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Choose Hyperdrug.co.uk for your puppy bottles, newborn puppy feeders, and mothering kits. Browse our selection today and ensure the best care for your furry friends during their early stages of life.

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