Elizabethan, Cone & Comfy Surgical Dog Collars

We stock a range of surgical collars including Elizabethan dog collar, Cone dog collar or lampshade traditional type or modern replacements such as inflatable collars and a comfy dog collar.

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  • Smart Collar Currently Unavailable
    A comfortable, well tolerated Elizabethan collar designed to help protect cats and dogs from self-trauma during their recovery period.
    £4.35 - £7.99
  • SoftE Smart Collar Currently Unavailable
    The SoftE Collar provides an effective barrier to a treatment area while ensuring an animal can eat, drink and sleep comfortably. It allows free movement of the head, neck and body so an animal can carry on as normal, without being depressed.
    £5.69 - £13.79
  • MPS Head Cover For Dogs Currently Unavailable
    An alternative and comfortable solution for a dog that needs protection for wounds, skin conditions or that needs protection for bandages on the ear and/or head.
    £25.75 - £26.59
  • Comfy Collar Currently Unavailable
    A protective collar to help dogs and cats to recover from rashes, injuries or after surgery, whilst enabling them to continue their normal lifestyle.
    £9.85 - £13.49