Hills Science Plan: Tailored Nutrition for Cats at Every Life Stage

Hyperdrug brings you Hills Science Plan, a leader in scientifically-formulated cat nutrition. Each product is crafted for cats at different life stages, from playful kittens to dignified seniors.

Specific Nutrition for Specific Needs

Hills Science Plan cat food offers nutritionally-rich solutions for diverse dietary needs. Whether your cat requires weight control, has a sensitive stomach, or is experiencing the challenges of aging, Hills Science Plan provides the right balance of nutrients.

Hills Science Plan: Because Quality Matters

With Hills Science Plan, rest assured that your cat's diet consists of high-quality ingredients, packed with optimal proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures their overall health and wellbeing.

Experience Convenience with Hyperdrug

Get your Hills Science Plan cat food with Hyperdrug's reliable online shopping experience. Prioritise your cat's health and happiness with us today!

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