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  • Brinicombe Think Itch Currently Unavailable
    Brinicombe Think Itch. The dual acting formulation helps to deter biting midges whilst soothing skin reactions. Contains only natural ingredients to maintain a healthy immune system and protect the horse from the effects of midge attack.
    Was: £46.85
    Now: £42.99
  • Brinicombe Think Pink Currently Unavailable
    Brinicombe Think Pink for Horses. Put your horse in the pink with this multivitamin supplement packed full of linseed oil and probiotics. The perfect broad-spectrum supplement to keep your horse looking good and feeling great.
    £13.99 - £57.19
  • HerbiLIX Airways 8kg Currently Unavailable
    HerbiLIX Airways for Horses 8kg. This palatable vitamin and mineral lick is based on the same low sugar formula as our original, but contains additional menthol and eucalyptus to relieve congestion.
  • HerbiLIX Flystop Currently Unavailable
    HerbiLIX Flystop is a low sugar lick designed to reduce fly nuisance. When consumed, HerbiLIX Flystop will work naturally through the body's system to create an invisible shield-like effect all over your horse, providing full, 24-hour comfort from f
  • ProRange GrowthXCell 2kg Currently Unavailable
    ProRange GrowthXCell. A specially formulated supplement for horses which provides the finest blend of micro-nutrients for the development and success of future winners.
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    Now: £27.29
  • Think Fly Granules Currently Unavailable
    THINK FLY is the first ever feed product created to reduce fly nuisance. Packed with an all-natural make-up, it contains the unique fly dispersant Repel-Ex, which works naturally through the body's system to create an invisible shield-like effect a
    Was: £37.25
    Now: £34.99
  • Think Laminitix Granules 2kg Currently Unavailable
    Think Laminitix provides the best possible nutrition for maintaining circulation and soundness and metabolic equilibrium. The ingredients include high levels of chelated magnesium and MSM with cinnamon, antioxidants, biotin and zinc for all-round su
    Was: £39.15
    Now: £36.79