Barrier Sheep Parasite & Fly Control

Keep Your Sheep Healthy and Free of Parasites with Barrier.

Barrier is a leading brand of animal health products, and we offer a wide range of products to help keep your sheep healthy and free of parasites. Our products are all natural and non-toxic, and they are designed to be gentle on your sheep's skin and coat. We also offer a variety of products to help prevent and treat common sheep health problems, such as fly strike and ticks.

How can Barrier help your sheep?

  • Prevention is better than cure: We offer a variety of products to help prevent parasites from affecting your sheep in the first place.
  • Effective treatment: If parasites do occur, we offer a variety of effective treatments to get rid of them quickly and safely.
  • Natural and non-toxic: Our products are all natural and non-toxic, so they are safe to use around your sheep and other animals.
  • Gentle on your sheep's skin and coat: Our products are gentle on your sheep's skin and coat, so you can be sure they are not causing any harm.

Order your Barrier sheep health products today and help keep your flock healthy and happy!

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  • Barrier Blowfly Repel For Sheep Currently Unavailable
    Specifically designed to repel biting and bloodsucking pests from sheep, including Blowfly, Ticks, Lice, Keds and other ectoparasites. Especially good where animals have been struck, to effectively rid the animal of maggots and soothe irritated area
    £23.15 - £126.95
  • Barrier Tick Control Currently Unavailable
    A 100% natural, ready to use insect repellent against ticks on larger animals, including horses, ponies, donkeys, cattle, deer, sheep, goats and large dogs. The best way to protect your animals against tick-borne diseases is to avoid tick bites.
    Was: £40.98
    Now: £32.55