Barrier Mud Fever in Horses

Prevent and Treat Mud Fever with Barrier.

Mud fever is a common skin condition that affects horses during the wet winter months. It is caused by bacteria that thrive in damp, muddy conditions. Symptoms of mud fever include redness, swelling, and cracking of the skin on the lower legs. In severe cases, mud fever can lead to infection and lameness.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent mud fever, including:

  • Keep your horse's legs clean and dry.
  • Apply a barrier cream to your horse's legs before they come into contact with mud.
  • Groom your horse regularly to remove mud and debris from their coat.
  • Provide your horse with a dry, clean stable to live in.

If your horse does develop mud fever, it is important to treat it promptly. Treatment options include:

  • Washing the affected area with a mild soap and water.
  • Bandaging the affected area to keep it clean and dry.

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