Advantage Flea Treatment for Rabbits

Advantage Flea Treatment for Rabbits is a spot-on flea treatment that is effective against fleas on rabbits and helps prevent re-infestation. It is available in packs of 4 pipettes, and comes in two strengths: Advantage 40 for rabbits under 4kg, and Advantage 80 for rabbits over 4kg.

To apply Advantage Flea Treatment for Rabbits, simply part the fur on the back of the rabbit's neck and apply the treatment between the shoulder blades. It is important to apply Advantage in an area that makes it difficult or impossible for rabbits to lick off after treatment, as it is bitter tasting and can result in excessive salivation if ingested.

Advantage Flea Treatment for Rabbits is a safe and effective way to protect your rabbit from fleas. It is easy to apply and can be used on rabbits as young as 8 weeks old.

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