Advantage for Dogs

Advantage Flea Treatment for Dogs contains imadacloprid and is effective against fleas on dogs. Advantage for dogs also has an action in the environment so will kill some adult fleas around the home preventing re-infestation. Advantage is a flea treatment only and is not a treatment for ticks but will kill biting lice. Available in packs of 4 and as Advantage 40 for dogs under 4kg, Advantage 100 for dogs between 4 and 10kg, Advantage 250 for dogs weighing between 10 and 25kg as well as Advantage 400 for dogs over 25kg. Advantage flea treatment for Dogs should be applied to the skin with the hair parted and between the shoulderblades. Advantage should be applied in an area making it difficult or impossible for dogs to lick off after treatment. Advantage flea treatment for dogs is bitter tasting and will result in excessive salivation if your dog does lick the treatment site.

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