Spray, Collar and Diffuser for Dogs Adaptil have a range of products in collar, spray and diffuser for dogs that contain DAP which stands for dog appeasing pheromones. This is a synthesis of natural pheromones and has been shown that this may help dogs in stressful environments. Refills for Adaptil Diffusers are also available. Adaptil for dogs is a great product to keep your dog as stress free as possible. Going on holiday is an exciting time for the family, however, for some dogs any change in their routine can be stressful. So the more prepared you can be, the better! Fit an Adaptil Collar to your dog 24 hours before you travel, the collar provide comforting support for up to 4 weeks, perfect for those summer holidays! Is your dog going to the kennels soon? Apply Adaptil Spray to any bedding or carrier you provide to the kennels, this will provide comforting support for your dog when travelling to and from the kennels and whilst you are away. For additional support with kennel stays why not try the Adaptil Collar? Puppies can find car travel quite scary at first, all the unknown noises and not knowing where they are going. Why not support them with an Adaptil Puppy Collar? Scientifically proven to support and help puppies learn about life’s first experiences such as travel, settling in at home and their basic training. Give your puppy the best start in life.

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