Horse Hoof Care

Careful observation of horse's hooves is essential in equine ownership. Always be on the lookout for early signs of lameness and check for cracks, laminitis signs suck as seedy toe and signs of infection such as pus discharging which your vet will need to treat. Hooves should be checked after your farrier has visited and keep checking for a few days recall them if necessary. Most cases of lameness are due to the hoof.

We stock hoof care treatments and supplements for horses to nutritionally care and benefit your horses' hooves as well as hoof oil, boots, dressings, disinfectants, and bandages. Including top brands such as Keratex and Cornucrescine hoof products for horses. As well as a huge range of products for horses Effol have a range just for horses hooves. We also supply products for farriers to help with horse hoof care. You can buy our range of hoof supplements here. 

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